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Dragon Warlords Lottery
Mar 28, 10 9:23 PM
lets all work on
Mar 11, 10 11:21 AM
Web Site Live on GuildPortal!
Feb 2, 10 11:46 AM
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Welcome DragonWarlords to your new website!

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Dragon Warlords Lottery

mogley_, Mar 28, 10 9:23 PM.
- Only one entry /human
- Open to anyone pledge and up
- 5 gold buy in
- 1 draw/week (Saturday)

If you decide to play the Lottery you will be assigned a number (sequentialy) that will be yours as long the lottery is in place. In that respect, once a guild member choses to participate to the Lottery they will be attributed a number (sequential seems easiest for our purposes) and that number will not change (for admin purposes)

  • Draws will be made from a /roll 1-xx (Where is the number of contributors) from that ton: DMlotto
  • The Guild Bank will be allotted the first number to every lottery (roll 1 = Guild bank wins) Should the guild bank win a roll , the entire sum gets rolled over to next week’s Jack Pot
  • If someone doesn’t want to play that week or doesn’t pay in time for the roll, and their fixed number comes up all the money is rolled over into the pot for next week’s “double jackpot “
  • All roll will be made in the presence of at least 3 witnesses, Ideally in a raid group so everyone who’s interested can see the actual roll.

The purpose of this lottery is to supply the guild bank with sufficient funds to help out the Raiders with Flasks, Reagents, Enchants, pay for repair bills and whatever else the guild need. After all it’s a lot easier to raid when your gear is enchanted and socketed and you have flasks and repairs are paid for.

lets all work on

GMGim, Mar 11, 10 11:21 AM.
lets all work on getting lvl 80 to run raids. we still are looking for a sister guild to run with

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

GMGim, Feb 2, 10 11:46 AM.

                                Welcome DragonWarlords    

follow all rules, help members and guild grow

#1 Be Active

#2 Be nice to every member

#3 mebers caught removing items from guild tabs to sell for their own gain will be put in timeout and upon discussion can be removed from the guild

#4 lets all add gold to guild bank

sundays will be farm for the guild tabs may be asked to help get things we need to fill tabs

member lvl and rank will be as followed

days          lvl                   rank              
3                                   timeout
5              1/15               pledge
8              16/30             Initiate
20            31 and up       members

All new members will be in time out for 7 days and 5 days for every rank following untill their lvled rank...

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